Takako Yoshikawa's art activities started with an unexpected appearance by the turn of the year 2018. At first, it began with a small form of aggregation like geometry, and expanded as the cells proliferated, then became a picture. Since that day, works have continued to be born, overflowing one after another. When 100 paintings were created by March 2018, Takako decided to continue expressing her own Fantasy world. Takako, who knows neither the common sense nor the basics of the art world, cherishes physical and mental training to create physical strength and energy to continue working with art.The activity has been started for about a year and three months (as of April 2019), so far the art drawn by Takako has grown to be classified into the three worlds of Figure, Spots, and Color.

Recent Awards and Activities

July 2018 Red Dot Award 2018 Winner
February 2019 German Design Award 2019 Winner
June 2019 Active in Hawaii, Oahu from March
May 2019 Golden A' Design Award Winner 2019
November 2019 Highlighted as a DESIGN HERO by A' Design Award
March 2020 TAKAKO YOSHIKAWA exhibition is held in Mitsukoshi Nagoya ARTE CASA
May 2020 Silver A'design Award 2020 Winner
August 2020 German Design Award 2021 Nominate
December 2021 German Design Award 2022 Special Mention Winne
March 2022 TAKAKO YOSHIKAWA exhibition is held in Mitsukoshi Nagoya ARTE CASA
April 2022 Bronze A'design Award 2020 Winner
October 2022 TAKAKO YOSHIKAWA exhibition is held inTOYO KITCHEN STYLE OSAKA